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Welcome to the Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ. Celebrating 45 Years Together!

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\dis-ˈkə-vər\ v.

–perceive for the first time
Identity. Setting.
Cultures. People. Needs.
Opportunities. Places. Ministries.


\di-ˈvel-əp, dē-\ v.

–bring to completeness
Communication. Relationships. Connections. Planters. Churches.
Clusters. Knowledge. Skills.


\di-ˈplȯi\ v.

–send out strategically
Individuals. Families. Groups.
Partners. Consultants. Trainers.
Story Tellers. Writers.

Healthy Churches

Numerous rubrics and measurements— such as numbers, finances and popularity—have been used to define health and success in a local church. However, as the body of Christ, we are called to reflect His character and His calling in our context. We are “sent-ones.” God sent His Son and His Son sent us to participate in the redemption of mankind. Our calling, as the church, is to make disciples. Therefore, a healthy church is one that reflects God’s glory, participates in God’s mission and continually partakes in the reproduction of God’s people.

Missional Living

The term “missional living” is not to be confused with the American Church’s traditional definitions of “missions” and “missionaries.” Authentic missional living is more than organizing a missions program in the local church, more than missions activity undertaken as a project. It is more than supporting vocational missionaries, taking mission trips, having a missions mindset, or even making missions a lifestyle. We may use these programs, activities and emphases as tools to help us and to engage others in living missionally, but missional living is more.

Multiplying Churches

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. Our task is simple: see that every school district and city neighborhood (within a five-block radius) has a strong and vibrant evangelical church. We explore communities to determine whether God is calling us to start a new church there. We equip church planters to be effective in starting new churches. We empower partners to unleash their resources to assist in new church starts. We are constantly thinking about how to multiply churches!