Online training for BRN churches and church leaders

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Why the need for online training for churches and church leaders?

We recognize that in an organism such as the church, the need for training is ongoing, and we want to be able to provide training whenever you need it. We also recognize the value of face-to-face training (and we’re still committed to providing this training for you), but for the times when your church needs training “right now” and there’s no onsite training scheduled, we have partnered with an online learning community called E-Quip.Net.

At E-Quip.Net, you will find a variety of training seminars on topics of interest to you as you seek to be the church and/or the leader that God is calling you to be. From seminars on church finances to children’s ministry, theology to teaching techniques, leadership to the law, E-Quip.Net is a one-stop learning community that draws from the knowledge and experience of some of today’s leading church practitioners across North America.

Video seminars are cataloged by topic, presenters, most popular and most recent. With E-Quip.Net, you may catch a seminar at a time that is convenient for you or you may watch it over again to get all the fine points you may have missed initially. This is training with you in mind!

For your church and leadership training needs, check out E-Quip.Net here today.