Leading individuals and groups in being missionary where we live and work, worship and play

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Missional living is more than organizing a missions program in the local church, taking on a missions project, going on a mission trip or even making missions a lifestyle.

Missional living is adopting the posture, thinking, behaviors and practices of Jesus, the missionary Son of God, in order to incarnate (or personify, bring to life) the Gospel message for people right where they are. Authentic missional living is true, 24/7 Christ-following.

The Missional Living Team is one of three teams at the BRN available to assist local congregations. Our team consists of catalysts in each region who can come alongside you and your church in your effort to reach out missionally to the community and world around you. We want you to be successful in exploring your community and exegeting, or interpreting, what you learn.

We can help you identify dominant culture groups in your sphere of influence and specific people within those cultures. We also work with you to discover particular needs they may have that provide opportunities for ministry, and then the ministries that will best meet those needs.

In addition, the Missional Living Team is available to help you develop relationships with others and connections across your city, county, region and the state that will support you in the work of ministry. We offer information sessions and training events designed to help you and those whom you enlist develop knowledge and skills necessary to minister effectively. And, we partner with you to involve individuals, families and groups in your church in living missionally.

We are all about Pennsylvania and South Jersey Baptists being missionary right where we live and work, worship and play!

If you would like to know more about the Missional Living Team, . We would love to talk with you.


Missional Living Ministry Leaders

Baptist Builders

Ernie Pyle, State Coordinator

Doug Lesher, Assistant Coordinator


Collegiate Ministry

Robert Turner, State Director of Collegiate Ministry

Kirk Ritchey, Collegiate Ministry Strategist, BRN West

Stanley Williams, Director of Student Ministries, BRN Philadelphia


Disaster Relief

Kenton Hunt


Literacy Ministry and ESL

Debbie Toone, State Literacy Missions Consultant


Missions Education

Pam Smith, Executive Director, WMU of PA/SJ

Kathy Sheldon, President, WMU of PA/SJ


Missions Mobilization



North Carolina Partnership

Roger and Shirley Carlson, Partnership Missions Coordinators


Women’s Ministry

Pam Smith, State Director of Women’s Ministry