Connecting potential church planters with mentors

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Multiplying Church Centers were created for the purpose of connecting potential church planters with mentors for development and training.

We believe that in order for new church starts to be effective they need to be established by a planter who is truly called by God to this type of work. We also believe that each planter needs to be developed and trained, encouraged to reach his full potential.

Our church planting process begins with a personal assessment for potential planters. For those who are confirmed, and in order to help you develop into a highly effective planter, we place you in a Multiplying Church Center (MCC) for development and training.

A Multiplying Church Center is a healthy, functioning church whose pastor has either planted a church successfully or is knowledgeable about church planting and what it takes to succeed in planting a church in his particular area. An MCC is like an umbrella of learning where the planter can study, plan, grow, and even make mistakes in a safe environment before he and his family go out into the field. Each planter who successfully completes the assessment process will be placed into an MCC for a specific amount of time, deemed appropriate by the assessment team, to be guided and taught.

We currently have 21 MCCs in the BRN. To view an interactive map of these MCCs, please visit:

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If you would like to speak with someone personally, you may contact Barry Whitworth at .