Reaching Pennsylvania and South Jersey with the Gospel through the planting of new churches

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We believe that every person should have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.  We are sure that starting new churches is an effective way to get the Good News of Jesus to them. So, we are constantly thinking about how to multiply churches!

The Multiplying Churches Team is one of three teams at the BRN available to assist you. Our team is made up of men and women who are seeking to reach Pennsylvania/South Jersey with the Gospel through the planting of new churches.  Within the Multiplying Churches Team we have a team of leaders who oversees church planting activity across the BRN, as well as cultural groups in certain areas of PA/SJ, and an administrative team who performs administrative duties.

Our Multiplying Churches Team is spread-out across PA/SJ, with most of our team members being “on the field” and the home office being in Harrisburg, PA. The Multiplying Churches Team is about discovering places within PA/SJ to start new churches, developing church planters to become effective in the areas where they plant and deploying partner churches to assist in the effort of supporting new churches. We believe that if we work as a team, with one heart and vision, we can reach the lost and hurting in PA/SJ.

To learn more about the Multiplying Churches Team, please visit:

Also, if you are interested in church planting in PA/SJ–either as a planter whom God may be calling to serve here or as a partner with a church plant in the area–contact us. We will be happy to talk with you.