Partnering with North Carolina Baptists to build God’s Kingdom



North Carolina Baptists and Pennsylvania/South Jersey Baptists entered into partnership in 2007 to help each other extend God’s Kingdom. Since its beginning, hundreds of mission teams from North Carolina have come to serve alongside Pennsylvania Baptists, and some PA teams have traveled to serve in North Carolina as well.

The mission teams have helped each other with Vacation Bible Schools, Backyard Bible Clubs, sports camps, construction, prayer walking, and community outreach projects. Most of these volunteer teams serve during the summer months. Typically, a team will be in the area for a week. However, some teams have “adopted” a church and returned during the fall, winter and/or spring.

We try our best to match teams with your requests so that they are prepared and able to serve in the tasks you need. Some teams are large enough to do two or three projects at a time. Often an advance team will come to visit and look the project over before the whole team comes to help, especially if it’s a construction project.

Usually mission teams start to plan in Autumn for service the next summer. When you make your request, we post it on the North Carolina Baptist Web site so all North Carolina Baptist churches can see what types of ministries are needed. We can’t promise that your request will be granted, but we will do our best to advertise it among NC churches.

Whether mission teams come to Pennsylvania or go to North Carolina, they need four things (to be negotiated between the person making the request and the mission team leader):

  1. A place to sleep
  2. A place to eat
  3. A place to take a shower
  4. A place to work

If your church would like to have help please contact the BRN office at or (800) 451-6599.