Connecting pastors for learning and encouragement

min pastors cluster group 72

Most of the members on the Healthy Churches Team are either pastors or have pastoral backgrounds. We know the feelings of isolation that pastors face. We are committed to being the bridge that connects pastors across Pennsylvania and South Jersey in peer-to-peer learning communities.

Through Pastor Cluster Groups, we will connect you to like-minded co-laborers who have been called to a similar ministry context. We will give you someone to bond with in your times of frustration and celebrate with in times of joy. You can expect the confidentiality that you need in your calling and can find resources to help you in the different situations you may face.

If you would like to become involved in or need more information about Pastor Cluster Groups, please email Larry Anderson, Healthy Churches Team Leader, ; David Ludwig, Associate Team Leader, ; or Fanny Grote, Administrative Assistant, . Also, you may reach Fanny at 800-451-6599, extension 18 to be connected to voice mail for Dr. Anderson.