Learning about, praying for and giving to support missions in Pennsylvania and South Jersey

2016 SMO posterThe State Missions Emphasis is an annual observance in BRN-affiliated churches that highlights what God is doing across Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Each September, local congregations learn about, pray for and give to support special ministries, outreach projects and other initiatives which are uniquely connected to Penn/Jersey Baptists and not funded through regular giving streams.

The annual offering was named for Ed and Mary Price, early missions leaders who were known for their exemplary service and unwavering dedication to the cause of Christ. When you and your church give to the Ed and Mary Price Offering for State Missions, you are continuing their legacy with today’s generation of missionaries.

The materials we provide feature current stories, specific prayer requests and other pertinent information that you can use to promote the State Missions Emphasis in your church. We want you to hear directly from the missionaries and other servant leaders and pray that you will be inspired to join in God’s work with them. Packets of materials are mailed directly to churches. For additional copies, feel free to download and print from any of the following:

Click here for a copy of the 2016 State Missions Promotional Poster

Click here for the 2016 Prayer Guide (page 1)

Click here for the 2016 Prayer Guide (page 2)

For more information about the 2016 State Missions Emphasis, contact the Missional Living Team of the Baptist Resource Network at 800.451.6599.