Helping churches understand that stewardship is more than just tithing…

BRN Stewardship Resources Store

BRN Stewardship Resources Store

Click the icon to the left to visit the BRN Stewardship Resources Store. Here you will be able to download great resources for free and purchase other stewardship materials that will help your church have maximum impact for the Kingdom.

When thinking about stewardship there are several areas to consider. Actually, stewardship is comprised of the following 4 Essentials:

  1. A Life of Stewardship: Helping people understand that life is about giving. We should be excited about giving of our time, our giftedness and our resources, all to bring glory to God.
  1. Money Management: Helping people understand the importance of wise money management and budgeting. By being wise with our money, we can do more for God with our resources. Wise planning and spending can eliminate debt, allow us to live within our means, allow for retirement planning, support missionaries financially and fund the spread of the Gospel.
  1. Wise Administration: Helping the church handle the church finances in a proper and orderly manner, while adhering to laws and standards with integrity.
  1. Ministry Budgeting: Helping the church operate their ministry by implementing a budget that is focused on God’s Kingdom–that is, planning the church’s finances through incorporating the church vision and church goals into the church budget.

The BRN is able to assist congregations with strategies, resources and consultations to aid in the understanding and development of these 4 Essentials of Stewardship in the local church. We would also love the opportunity to help your church understand and see the value of being committed to the Cooperative Program. Each April, the BRN promotes Cooperative Program Sunday. For immediate information on the Cooperative Program, please click this link: Cooperative Program.

If you would like more information about the 4 Essentials of Stewardship or how the Cooperative Program works in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, please contact:

Andy Weber
717-652-5856 (Office)

David Ludwig
724-541-8917 (Cell)