Showing you who the people are in your church’s community.

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If you’re a church or a church plant intent on reaching out to the people around you in order to share the Gospel with them, you need to know who they are.

Every church and church plant needs to know who lives in her neighborhood. Through the Multiplying Churches Team office, we can provide detailed information about the people who live in neighborhoods all across Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Information is provided by zip code, county and other customized locations. Categories of information available include age, income, ethnic and racial background, responsiveness to the gospel, lifestyle, spiritual needs of the community and a variety of other demographic, psychographic, lifestyle and religious data.

The demographic information can be provided to you in electronic or printed format. Or, the Multiplying Churches Team office can assist you in accessing this information on your own through the online resources Percept and/or Impact

Then, members of the Multiplying Churches Team, the Healthy Churches Team and/or the Missional Living Team can help you interpret the data you receive so that you can plan for effective ministry to reach the people you have identified. We want you to be successful in sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear it!

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