Assessing church planting needs and mentoring planters

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Church Planting Catalysts are a special breed. And the role they serve is as the title implies: “catalyst–an agent provoking change or action.”

We currently have eight Church Planting Catalysts serving the BRN. They are men who are committed to the furtherance of the Gospel through new church starts. They scout throughout Pennsylvania and South Jersey, looking for places where the soil is rich and stirred up for the start of a new church plant. Basically they are looking for places where the harvest is plentiful and in need of a worker.

At the same time, BRN’s church planters are going through a mandatory assessment process that includes interviews and other evaluations, placement in a Multiplying Church Center for development and training, and establishment in a community that will become their service field. For planters who have successfully completed the assessment process, our Church Planting Catalysts also serve as mentors and teachers to them as they start their church planting journey.

Are you interested in being part of what God is doing through church planting in PA and/or South Jersey?

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