A priority for BRN: starting new churches



Why is church planting a priority for the BRN? Think about this:

  • Out of the 16 million people living in Pennsylvania and South Jersey, nearly 12 million do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • At present, only 3% of our area’s population is evangelical.
  • It is possible that 40% or more of the communities across PA/S Jersey have no evangelical presence in them whatsoever.
  • This dilemma reveals that it will take approximately 120,000 new evangelical churches to reach these people who do not know Jesus.

We believe that an effective way to reach the lost in PA and South Jersey is through the starting of new churches.

Here at the BRN, church planting begins with a three-step process. First, we come alongside potential church planters to help you discern God’s calling, your readiness and a possible community match here in PA/SJ. Then, we place confirmed church planters in a Multiplying Church Center for training. And finally, we help to establish new church planters on location and with necessary resources to start a new church.

For us, this three-step assessment process is very important and absolutely mandatory. We have found that it works!

We look forward to talking with you about your interest in church planting. For more information or to begin the assessment process, please contact Barry Whitworth at .

Also, check out our Web site at www.pennjerseycp.com.