Representing Christ to the Next Generation of Leaders

image hands inEven when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come. –Psalm 71:18

Welcome to the Collegiate Ministries Team! If you share a passion for reaching the next generation of leaders on our campuses across Penn/South Jersey, we want to partner with you!

College students represent one of the most strategic evangelistic target groups in our culture.  Not only are they our future leaders, they are also in a unique period of their lives, with an openness to the Holy Sprit and the freedom to make crucial life choices that will resonate through the course of their lives.

The area covered by our Baptist Resource Network contains the fifth largest collegiate population in the nation–almost 750,000 students on over 225 campuses. We also have some of the most respected institutions of higher education within our borders. We cannot impact our region without impacting our college populations. It is vital that we be bold, creative, and reliant upon God in any attempts to respond to this challenge.

Our response to this challenge is led by our Collegiate Ministries Team. I lead this effort from my location in the Harrisburg area and am ably assisted by regional leaders in the Greater Philadelphia region and  in Pittsburgh and the western area of Pennsylvania. Together we supervise a team of competent and dedicated campus ministers deployed across Pennsylvania and South Jersey. You can see the full list of our team by clicking here.

If your church is near a campus we want to partner with you to reach your students. And what if your church is not near a college campus? Not every church is a college church, but every church must have a strategy to reach the next generation. We can help you understand what it takes to reach and minister to college students and young adults in your local context. Let us partner with you in these efforts.

, Director of Collegiate Ministries

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