Discovering who you are as a church–your strengths, challenges, and the unique DNA that God has built into you

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Periodically, churches need to evaluate how they are doing. Transformational Church Assessment Tool (TCAT) is a survey, developed by LifeWay Christian Resources, that can help churches assess the health of the congregation, celebrate areas of strength and address areas of concern.

Transformational Churches are churches that are seeing spiritual transformation in their midsts. They are deeply committed to the essential foundations of discipleship (worship, community and mission), expressed through vibrant leadership, prayerful dependence, relational intentionality and a missionary mentality. Bottom line? They make disciples whose transformed lives ultimately transform the culture around them.

And Transformational Churches measure health in this new way.  The traditional way of measuring the health of a church has been by quantifying the size of the building, budget, and body. We all know that numbers and size don’t make a church healthy. TCAT is a tool that can help your church measure the things that matter, so you  can make a biblical impact on your community, no matter your size and wherever you are.

The Healthy Churches Team has certified TCAT consultants who will partner with your church as you go through the evaluation process. We will assist you with how to take the survey, interpret the results and discover the goals and priorities that will help your church experience the transformational life change that God desires.

When should a church take the TC Assessment?  There is no prescribed formula, but a church doesn’t need to be feeling “sick” to have an evaluation.

How does a church get a TCAT?  Start by purchasing the assessment tool online and selecting Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ as your consultant group here. Or, contact Fanny Grote at or 800.451.6599, ext. 18 to be matched with a TCAT consultant.

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