Counting the impact of BRN churches

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The Annual Church Profile (ACP) enables the BRN to gather basic information from our churches.

The information is entered into a system called the SBC Workspace where LifeWay Christian Resources, our national partner, is then able to download the data. This is done so that we may track how we are doing in reaching PA/SJ for Christ and so that the BRN may better know how we can serve our churches. It also determines LifeWay’s funding in a given year for BRN’s ministry.

It is very important that each church submits accurate records. In order to assist with tracking the requested information, each church has or will receive an ACP Board on which information can be compiled quarterly then added for a yearly total.  If you are in need of a new ACP Board, please contact Fanny Grote at .

ACP forms can be submitted in multiple ways.  The easiest way is for each church to submit the information directly online at here.  Log on with your church’s specific User Name and Password. If you have misplaced this information, please call the BRN Financial Office at 800-451-6599 x17.

Also, a hard-copy of the ACP form is mailed to each church in late summer; you may find it easier to complete the survey by hand. You can then mail the form to the BRN at 4620 Fritchey Street, Harrisburg, PA 17109 or fax it to 717-652-3902.  Or you may choose to scan the form to a PDF file, then email it to .  If you are in need of a blank copy of the 2016 survey, please click here.

Specific questions regarding the ACP survey may be directed to .