REPRINTED from Ding S. Guevarra Jr., calling us to prayer.

Beloved Pastors and Churches of SJBA:

Greeting you all in the name of Him who has called us to be the light of the world!

I write this letter as your current Moderator, to appeal to your deep concern about the spiritual condition we are observing around us today and to urge you to take a common front in seeking the face of God in favor of His extraordinary presence in our midst.

Admittedly, I feel that I am not the only one sensing this need, and neither our denomination the only one pointing to this urgent necessity.  Yet as an Association of churches, we are yet to summon our churches to stand together on our “Cry” for Revival.


I understand that Revival and/or Great spiritual Awakening cannot be scheduled, worked-up, or engineered humanly speaking.  If we are to experience a refreshing from the Lord, it will be because God’s sovereign hour has arrived. God grants revival blessings when and where He pleases. Clearly, the when, where and how of revival rest in God’s sovereignty. The church cannot demand it, plan it or control it. It is God’s to give and to order.


This letter then was motivated by a simple desire that this seed-thought may be stirred in your heart and subsequently trigger growth of conviction about the urgency of revival in you today; and that together-whether be near or far- be praying, fasting, longing and asking the favor of  the Almighty God for His refreshing visitation.

Like in the days of Isaiah seen as days of spiritual poverty, deadness, dryness and dullness, we have to cry for God’s abundant mercy; and He will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground. We need to realize the true condition of our nation just like the Laodecian church “you do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.” (Rev.3:17)

Let us pray then and admonish our people to call upon the Lord Almighty to hear and heal us.

Revival from God is our greatest need today.

Because of Him,

Ding S. Guevarra Jr. (D.Min)

Moderator, SJBA