The small home in Wellsboro was beautifully landscaped. You could tell the owner had put time and pride into his work. “Mark” had just stepped outside as I was prayerwalking that area. A comment led to conversation and a question, “Do you have anything I could pray with you about?” He was hesitant…at first…

Prayerwalking PicturePrayerwalking an area is the key first step in ministering to a community or neighborhood. As servants of Christ, we are placed here to meet the needs of people. Interceding helps connect them to God.

Picture this: a triangle with God at the top, and on the bottom right corner is you. You have a relationship to God, so picture a solid line from you to God. On the left corner of the triangle is a person in the home you will walk by while prayerwalking. These are homes where people may have no relationship with God. Some don’t care to know Him; others have a desire, but do not know where to start. You have the privilege, and responsibility, to intercede to God on their behalf. You start the dotted lines of the triangle in connecting them to you, and them to God. Some people have never been prayed for in their lives. On your prayerwalk, all this changes. Your prayers could be the first step in drawing them closer to God and making the triangle complete.

As you walk, talk to God for your neighbors or people who need Him. Pray for family relationships, for a hunger and thirst for Him, for whatever existing barriers to be broken so they encounter Christ. Pray for businesses and churches to succeed and the Gospel to be shared through relationships, and His Word.

Mark answered, “Not Really,” to my question on something to pray about, but he carried on the conversation. Noticing my southern accent led to both of us sharing how we came to Wellsboro. When we concluded, he had shared not only his perspective on churches in the area, but part of his life’s story, even opening up about his very recent bout with cancer. With his permission, my two prayer partners gathered around, and with my hand on his shoulder, we interceded to God for Mark. This God-Moment would have never happened without engaging people through prayerwalking. You can do this!

Prayerwalking–the privilege of interceding “on site with insight” for people in your neighborhood.