This article originally appeared in WMU’s Missions Mosaic magazine, April 2016.

Bryce WoernerBryce and Makenzie, North Wildwood, New Jersey

Birthday: April 24
Passage: Psalm 27
Focus: Psalm 27:14

Bryce and Mackenzie had recently moved to Wildwood for the purposes of planting a church in the community— but first they needed food! They popped into a local pizza shop where they met Omar, one of the employees. Bryce continued to talk to Omar at the pizza shop and prayed for Omar every day after their meeting. Two months later, Omar became a follower of Jesus. Omar then led his fiancé to Christ, one of his fiancé’s sons, and a former soldier named Rob. Six months after moving to Wildwood, Bryce baptized Omar and three new believers in the ocean.Baptism

“Since Omar’s transformation by Jesus Christ I got to officiate his wedding, and Omar got to assist me in baptizing Rob, whom Omar and I had been praying for since the beginning of Omar’s discipling, ” says Bryce, a Southern Baptist church planter.
Bryce says Wildwood is a land of extremes. It is a resort town where the population can swell to 250,000 people from May to September and then shrink to 19,000 people during the fall and winter months. Such variation has led to a high rate of drug use, depression, suicide, poverty, and homelessness.

“Fewer than 1.75 percent of the people claim to be Christian,” Bryce says. “But it is so rewarding to witness drug addicts and individuals Bryce Woerner MMwho are oppressed be set free and transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.”

Pray for partners and financial support to continue the ministry in Wildwood.

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