Alonzo Johnson FamilyAlonzo Johnson, Abington, Pennsylvania
Birthday: April 10
Passage: Psalm 71:14-19
Focus: Psalm 71:18

Alonzo Johnson scanned the crowd of students who stared back at him with expressions that ranged from curiosity to boredom. He was in the public school as part of Urban Family Council, an organization that teaches students about abstinence and healthy relationships. God was using the encounter, though, to grow in Alonzo a vision for the students. “Through these presentations and interactions, God burdened my heart to see many churches planted in the city of Philadelphia,” says Alonzo, a Southern Baptist missionary.

Alonzo says his role as a church planter is to plant and water with the hopes that God will keep His promise to build His church. “Our strategy is to see people rescued by the power of the gospel, connected to God, growing in their faith and serving others,” he says. “We believe this will honor God and make His name famous in the world.”

Alonzo’s church seeks to serve the children and families in its community. “One way we have done this is through adopting William H. Ziegler School, a public school that serves 550 students in kindergarten through eighth grade,” he says.

Many of the students the church encounters come from broken families. “So many adults are having children outside of wedlock and the home is being destroyed,” he says. “The education system is broken, and more and more of our young peopleAlonzo Johnson are turning to drugs. Even in this, though, we are seeing lives changed by the gospel.”

Pray for more team members and partners, and for youth and families to be restored.

This article originally appeared in WMU’s Missions Mosaic magazine, April 2016.

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