The BRN invites YOU, your church, and your families to come out and be a part of our 2016 prayer-walking events.

Why Prayer walk? 

  • Prayer walking allows us to join God in what He is wanting to do and is doing in a community.
  • Prayer walking opportunities allow us to participate in tilling the soil for church planting as we come alongside Gerald Mounce, a church planting catalyst right here in Central PA to pray for communities and discern where God would lead new church plants.
  • Families, children, church congregations, Sunday School & Life Groups, men’s & women’s ministries, youth groups, ANYONE & EVERYONE interested in seeing God move and lead His people are welcome to attend and pray.


Where are the Locations?

May 21, Glen Rock, PA

June 11, Hamburg, PAPrayerwalking Picture

July 16, Carlisle, PA

Sept 17, Selinsgrove, PA

October 8, Shamokin, PA


What can I expect to do on a Prayer walk?

Groups meet at the predetermined location at 10AM and can expect to be done by 1PM. Gerald will offer training that morning and explain what to do. He will then assign each group to an area and provide them with a map. Each group will walk and pray in their assigned areas for an hour and then meet back up for lunch or ice cream.  There they will debrief about their experiences to share what the Holy Spirit was showing them.

How do I sign up?

 with your information. Tell him how many will be coming and he will forward  the meeting location to you.

Thank you for coming out and supporting church planting efforts in central Pennsylvania!