HARRISBURG – Church events and weekly gatherings take much time to plan, prepare, and implement. The average church often finds itself struggling to adequately cover all the volunteer roles and needs at a church gathering, so most people are certainly not looking for more things to add to their list of things to do! However, we live in a time when it is important for our ministries to consider the risks to which they are exposed. Churches must find the time to provide safety and security for its guests, members, and staff.  Below we’d like to provide several resources in order to help you begin tackling what safety and security look like at your facility and with your people.

Resources provided by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

http://store.brotherhoodmutual.com/ At this link you will have access to free resources that will help your church understand and begin addressing church safety issues, ministry protections, and other risk areas. Also, you will have the option to purchase Brotherhood’s Church Safety & Security Guidebook.

Safety & Security: Protecting People and Property


Protecting People: Security Teams


More resources are available at www.brotherhoodmutual.com or by contacting a Brotherhood Mutual Insurance agent.

Note: Brotherhood Mutual Insurance is the preferred insurance provider and ministry partner of the Baptist Resource Network, GuideStone Financial Resources, and several other SBC entities.

Resources provided by Church Mutual Insurance Company

Risk Reporter: Perimeter Security


Risk Reporter: Protecting Against Catastrophic Violence


If Church Mutual is your insurance provider, please reach out to your agent for more information.

Protect the Faith, Inc.

Protect the Faith is a nonprofit security ministry that specializes in training and equipping mission groups in security protocols and measures as they serve on the mission field. This ministry has also been utilized by sister SBC organizations and churches to help address and implement church safety and security procedures.

Protect the Faith, Inc.
7399 North Shadeland Ave., Suite 247
Indianapolis, IN  46250

(317) 721-1750



Church Law & Tax Publication

View the following link to purchase the Protecting your Church from Crime and Violence publication put together by Church Law & Tax.


Baptist Resource Network

The BRN will provide a time at the State Annual Meeting when you can learn more on church security, and receive answers from those highly invested in church safety. The Annual Meeting will be held on November 3-4, 2016 at Antiochian Village & Conference Center.