From campus minister, Eric Reiber

STATE COLLEGE, PA – This week is the first week of classes at Penn State. Students moved in this weekend. Please pray for us to connect, encourage, and bless students this week. Also, please pray for many opportunities to follow up with one on one meetings where we get to hear a student’s story, tell our story, and then share about this gospel. We are also giving away 500 welcome to Penn State bags to bless freshmen and transfers.

Yesterday was the club fair, a one day event with over 1,000 student clubs. It is by no means our only way to connect with students, but it is an avenue early on in the semester. Pray for us as we follow up from this event.

Finally, pray for our students this semester, that the Holy Spirit will guide them, give them confidence in their life with Christ, and give them boldness within their many friends on campus.


God bless

Eric Reiber