14_09_HCT_mapping_center_pic_265By Fanny Grote, Healthy Churches Team Administrative Assistant

I can provide you with a spread sheet naming families with children within five miles of your church. Are you interested?

Would you rather blanket the 5,000 homes in your neighborhood with a mailing about your weekly preschool classes or focus on the 200 families who have children under the age of five?

Are you interested in knowing the names of people in your neighborhood, and then strategizing to reach those neighbors you know, rather than simply sending out mailers to “Occupant”?

One of the resources used by the Healthy Churches Team is the Mapping Center. With the Mapping Center, we can help you know which houses in your community have children or teenagers, or are seniors. Maybe your church’s mission team is thinking about getting involved in a church plant nearby. We can help you with the demographic information such as ethnicities, length of residence, marital status, names and addresses.

These are only a few of the benefits of using the Mapping Center.


  • Reach every home in your mission field
  • Find homes with kids
  • Identify homes of least-reached people groups
  • Map member and visitor homes
  • Build community among neighboring members
  • Turn member homes into mission outposts with Neighborhood Prayer Lists
  • Discover your mission field ‘sweet spot’ and strategic neighborhoods
  • Identify church-plant opportunities
  • Mail as often as you like to any filtered list
  • Build and track outreach projects
  • Share maps and lists with team members
  • Know your members better
  • Prayerwalk and canvas neighborhoods
  • Connect your visitors with their neighboring members
  • See household level demographics through 14 lenses
  • Divide your mission field into distinct neighborhoods
  • Reach out to new neighbors
  • Connect members and visitors with open life groups

From the Baptist Resource Network, we can provide you with basic information in an excel spread sheet that you can use when planning outreach for your church. Or, additional information and assistance is available for churches who would like a membership to the Mapping Center. For example, the membership option enables your church to share personalized information among members and tracks a prayer ministry that your church works through neighborhood groups.

Take a look for yourself at http://www.mappingcenter.org/ and see how this resource can help your church today.