Reprinted from Johnny & Kathy Pons’ newsletter.  You may view the original here.

STATE COLLEGE – As students pour back onto campus, State College swells and the pace quickens. With 46,000 + students, Penn State is a BIG presence in town that almost doubles in one weekend! Big is hard to miss. Big things make headlines and grab lots of attention. We even have sayings like “Go BIG or go home!” I like BIG a lot myself, but we can focus so intently on BIG that  we lose sight of the “ones” that make up the BIG. For New Life we want to become champions of small, not to discount BIG, but to celebrate and promote the life-changing value of knowing others and being known.

Small things may go unnoticed in a culture focused on big, but God is paying attention. After the Babylonian captivity, the exiles returned to Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the temple became a priority so that Israel could get back to “normal.” The new temple just didn’t have quite the “sizzle” of the majestic original. But God speaks through the prophet Zechariah saying, “Who dares despise the day of small things…” and just like each stone that goes into building a great temple,  everyone matters, and we need not despise the small.

God has graciously led us to a great group of new students over the past two weeks of the semester – mostly Freshmen. We prayed all summer for Freshmen and so far God is answering our prayers. While it is still early on, we are enjoying connecting to some amazing students who are hungry for God and open to community with each other. Some have connected to us through contacts from pastors and churches. Others have responded to our invitations in the backpacks we have been distributing. Some are being brought by friends. I look forward to sharing more of the individual stories of these new students and our adventures of making small HUGE.

Pray especially for our core team of leaders – Kayla, Jordan L., Sarah, Daniel, Jordan T., & Jess, who are doing a GREAT job of diving in, leading our community groups, and following up with new and returning students. We are beginning to see fruit being born out of our re-building effort and the year of investing deeply with a few last year.

Continue to pray for Eric & Kate Reiber as they await the arrival of twin girls.  The expected date of arrival is Sept 16.   It promises to be an interesting fall in the Reiber household!

Thank you for praying and giving and being a part of our faithful partners in reaching this generation with the life-changing gospel of Christ! We are blessed by our team!

Your partners,
Johnny & Kathy

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God still does BIG things through small groups of people who are trusting and training for Kingdom work!