20161106_105722PITTSBURGH – The Well Church in Mount Washington held their first Sunday morning church service on November 6 after two years of community group Bible studies. Church planters Adam and Ashley Sewell arrived in Pittsburgh December of 2013. On April of 2014 they were commissioned and sent out by Pittsburgh Baptist Church and started their first community group in September of 2014.   The Sewell’s chose to plant in Mount Washington after much prayer and feeling called to minister to area young professionals.

mount-washingtonMount Washington is a community of approximately 11,000 people within a 1.5 square mile neighborhood that historically has a heavy Catholic influence. In fact, The Well is the only evangelical church in the area since many churches have closed and their buildings are being turned into apartments and office buildings, creating a Gospel desert. God has broken the Sewell’s hearts for the people of Mount Washington and they are compelled to make a difference for Christ in this community. They have taken the time to build relationships with local leaders and routinely serve their community with outreaches such as teacher appreciation days and fun days for the kids at the elementary school, community picnics, Easter egg hunts, fall festivals, clean up days, helping build and preserve walking trails, community gardens, and providing warm winter clothing at the emergency homeless shelter.

On the first Monday of the month, the Well church members hand out free coffee at the incline, a popular public transportation spot. This ministry has allowed them to meet many neighbors as they head into work. They have been able to pray with people on the spot and share the gospel and now have regulars who look for them each month. They also partner with the local coffee shop to provide the coffee; in turn, the owner has connected them with many other service opportunities in the community.

Pastor Sewell explained that once people began to see their commitment to the neighborhood, many doors opened in the community. One result of this cooperation was the chance to hold Sunday morning church services in the Ream Recreation Center, Mount Washington’s only community center.

20161106_100453“Is Jesus the Only Way?” was the first sermon topic and was based on questions submitted by church attenders. A few weeks ago, Pastor Sewell asked his congregation who are made up of half churched / half unchurched people, many still seeking, to write down the most important questions they had about Christianity and the church. Topics ranged from difficult but important issues about Jesus, salvation, marriage, the church and Bible to whether their pets would be in heaven. Pastor Sewell spoke from Acts 4:11-13 clearly sharing that Christ is the only way to salvation and that there is no person outside of the bounds of God’s love.

wide-church-serviceBe in prayer for a November mission team coming from Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC as they help the church serve Reams Recreation Center by cleaning out and organizing closets, mopping floors, washing windows, giving the bathrooms some much needed care, raking leaves, and picking up litter. Pastor Sewell said it will be a good old fashioned Pittsburgh Redd-up day, which is really a thing and very Pittsburgh! Also, please pray for God’s provision and protection as the Sewell’s prepare for their son who is due January 10. Pray for God’s guidance as the church transitions into the new space and for more gospel conversations and relationships to come out of it and for worship leader Austin as he balances full time work, college classes, and leading the worship each week.

God is being glorified at The Well Church in Pittsburgh! You can learn more about their ministry here.