This is reprinted from Eric and Kate Reiber’s monthly newsletter.  They are mission workers at Penn State.

STATE COLLEGE (PA) – As Johnny Pons has told me, you never know how the year is going with students until sometime in early November. The early rush of students coming in is fast and exciting, but you never truly know who will stick. For example, our most passionate new student the first month has fallen off, though our student leader has worked to remain in contact and support him. At the same time, those students who were so quiet at the beginning begin to come into their own and flash leadership potential.

Emily is one such student that has begun to really step up as a freshman in our group. I met with her and other freshmen recently to get a gauge on what they thought about New Life, do they think we are an environment where they can grow spiritually, and what are some ideas they want to bring to the table. It was a good conversation, but quiet at times until Emily came full of insight and ideas, as well as questions. Kate and I had her over for breakfast one morning this past month to get to know her and show her how we do our devotional life. She was a sponge. Most recently, she has begun to speak up as an inviter of the group to a leadership conference we take students to in January. Pray that God continues to use Emily in mighty ways here on campus.

We have been working through 1 Peter in our weekly small groups having spent the first three weeks looking at the life of Peter. It has been a good book, helping students understand how God calls you to serve him faithfully no matter the surrounding circumstances. I have also been challenged by it through the semester.

In our family dinners, which are once a month, we have been working through 2 Corinthians 5:10-21. We have spent 4 full sessions diving into this text, looking it how in Christ we have a new position, power, perspective of others, and purpose. I am finishing this last point on Wednesday. We will discuss how to be an ambassador for Christ according to the Bible, and what it looks like here. It’s crazy how God entrusts us with the ministry of reconciliation, sharing with others his message.

An exciting thing about our Wednesday dinners, we had our largest one in November, with 20 students attending, the first time a New Life event has crossed the 20 barrier for an event since I have arrived (Our group is in the mid to upper 20’s currently). Though ‘20’ is not large by any means, it has been only 15 months since we in a sense launched with 3 students. God has been blessing our work bringing new students to us. We pray to continue to grow through intentional discipleship to multiply our workers on campus, being faithful with who we have.

Things to pray for:

  •   Pray for a freshman wanting to learn more about Jesus named Emma.
  •   Pray for God to call someone (or two) to join our team at Penn State next year.



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