Sarah Barger is a collegiate ministry intern with the BRN.  This article is extracted from her latest newsletter.  You can read the entire newsletter here.

CALIFORNIA, PA – At freshmen Bible study one evening it was only Chase, Kyle and me. In collegiate ministry, something that I have learned is that you can’t see success in the amount attending. Sometimes the smallest groups have the best discussions and students are more comfortable and engaged in a small group than a large one.  I hope pastors and other ministers around our convention are encouraged by this simple truth.

Kyle, a freshmen, who I have written about before, has really been seeking his faith. He has been asking some great questions and some hard ones that we looked up and talked about.

Kyle asked…
1. Where do you start when you first read the Bible?
2. What is Hell like? Where does it talk about Hell in the Bible?
3. How are you saved?
4. What happens to a 6 month old baby if it dies? Does the baby go to hell?
5. How will we know it is Jesus when he returns? What will it be like?

It was a great evening of discussion and reading the truth in God’s word!
Pray for Kyle; he has not accepted Christ yet but he is still seeking Him.