SCHENKSVILLE, PA – Granges are at the center of many small towns throughout rural America.  Community dinners, square dances, rummage sales, baking contests, and other events that help knit a community together are regularly held at granges.  Church planter Adam Kern and his team from The Vine Church embraced the local grange in Schenksville, PA as a genuine effort to missionally engage their community.  The Lord has shown favor to them by allowing their church not only meet at the grange rent-free, but also to take leadership of some of the perennial events that take place at the grange.

The Vine Church in Schenksville officially launched their church on Sunday, January 8th, after unofficially meeting for several months.  This is yet another church that has been birthed out of Riverbend Community Church in Allentown, PA under the leadership of Pastor Joe Velarde.

Lord willing, Vine’s service to and through the local grange will bless Schenksville for years to come.  Please join us praying for Pastor Adam, his wife Nichole, and the rest of the Vine Church team.