From the most recent newsletter of Eric Reiber

STATE COLLEGE – I have been telling people how much I love my job recently. We are having such a fun semester here at Penn State. I just got back from preaching at a youth conference where I preached four sermons on how to follow Jesus for a lifetime. One high school student accepted Christ over the weekend! The students were fun, I enjoyed their enthusiasm, but man I love college students. They have that youth enthusiasm, but we regularly get to go deep and see multiplication of faith happen. The college students are there because they want to be there, and it allows for some intentional growth.

Last month I wrote about how in the Spring Semester we give away hot chocolate on Fridays. This has been the most fun year doing so already. We have engaged many students who come each week. We have exchanged information with many of them as well, with plans to step out and meet up with more this next month. The picture above is of two girls that got connected to New Life through that ministry. Faye is on the left and Joy is in the middle. Faye met us early through hot chocolate and said she had wanted to connect with a group but had yet to do so. She invited Joy in with her, and the two have come to multiple New Life gatherings. Amazing things happen when we serve and bless people for Christ.

Next week I am taking 5 students to South Carolina to join in with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief on a rebuild effort after the hurricane. Excitingly, we are joining in with some students from the Virginia Tech BCM on the trip as well. As an alumnus of that ministry, I am excited to do ministry together. My former campus minister Darrell Cook and I have continued a relationship over the years after I left, and it’s great to work together.

It is leaders like Johnny with me at Penn State and Darrell at Virginia Tech that I have been blessed to have put in my life by God. I have known both for almost a decade each, I work with Johnny now, and Darrell has acted as a sounding board for years for me. This weekend as I spoke to the youth, I shared how our personal faith is not lived out alone. You should value those who laid a foundation of the gospel in you and seek people who are good examples in following Christ to pour into you. Paul did this for Timothy, and in 2 Timothy 3: 10-15, Paul commends Timothy for his willingness to follow him as he followed Jesus.

On a personal note, our twins are almost 6 months old. The time has been going so fast, though 6 months of not sleeping through the night hasn’t been easy. Kate has been an amazing steady rock, and has shared frequently how having her time with Jesus daily has played a huge role in building patience and endurance. Also, Fynn is awesome. Thank you for your prayers.

Things to pray for:

  • Pray for our conversations in March as we figure out next year’s leaders.
  • Pray for Emma and Wesley who want to know more about Jesus.
  • Pray for us as we show Christ to the campus.

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