QUEEN CREEK, AZ – Today we’re going to cowboy country in Arizona. There really are lots of cowboys around Queen Creek, Arizona, which is southeast of Phoenix.Queen Creek has grown from under 30,000 to about 50,000 in three years; it is one of Arizona’s fastest-growing cities. Our missionary, Trey Van Camp, decided to launch a new church meeting in a movie theater on the busy north side of Queen City. They mailed out 5,000 invitations to the first service. Nobody answered. But they had gathered about 40 people for that first service through offering Bible studies. Eight people answered the call to salvation and were baptized that first service.

Many younger people in Queen Creek turn down being involved with a church though they know nothing about it. But the church has reached a number of people who were into drugs or had families that were broken. Our church is supporting Trey through our Cooperative Program giving, and it’s important for us to know that this new church, meeting in a theater, also supports missions through the Cooperative Program.

Can we pray now that this new church will do well and reach many with the gospel, especially those who do not realize how much they need it!

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