STATE COLLEGE, PA – By this Friday night the campus will be dark and practically deserted as students bolt out for Spring Break, which marks the beginning of the end… After break everything on campus hits a whole new pace, packed with activities, events and transition everywhere. BUT, here are a few highlights from February before we hit high gear…

  • The 21 Day Challenge is wrapping up officially today, and it seems that students have taken the Challenge seriously. We will be collecting stories and input from students to see where God has been at work. Continue praying for Emma, her boyfriend and Wesley especially.
  • THON 2017 is now history. This year we had several of our students participating in this monster of a fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research. Over 16,000 students make THON happen over the course of a weekend, raising over $10 million, and our goal is to help our students serve as servants of Christ in the midst of this massive event.
  • As surely as THON comes and goes,  State Patty’s Day follows in it’s wake. Last weekend students flowed in from around the state and the northeast to experience a full day of drinking. (We counted at least 26 different campuses in our scavenger hunt.) We had the privilege of hosting a team of five guys from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University for the weekend to experience “community” with the thousands of other party-goers. We took the time to be THERE, be AWARE, offer PRAYER, CARE and SHARE whenever we had the opportunity. Rain drove many of the students to porches and balconies and off the streets, but by late afternoon, we had the opportunity to engage dozens of students through a Scavenger Hunt giving us easy access to conversations. Thanks Nick Gubinni and Kevin Richardson for leading your team our way!
We have a team leaving this Friday for Johnsonville, SC to participate in Collegiate Disaster Relief over Spring Break. Pray that they will go with open eyes, ears and willing hands to bless the families they serve.
Thanks for all the prayer and financial blessing you share with us month after month, year after year! Our mission of making whole-life, multiplying disciples who love God and others with heads, hearts & hands is unchanging. Thank YOU for joining us in that mission and making it all possible.

Your partners,
Johnny & Kathy