NAZARETH (PA) – Church planter and pastor, Ryan Knepp, recently shared some encouragement for the BRN from his bi-vocational work with the YMCA.

“Much has happened since we updated you last, but we are so appreciative of your prayers as they have been felt constantly. The biggest update is how God has been using me as a light for his Kingdom through my work with the local YMCA. I have had the opportunity to engage more people in these last few months than I was ever able to when I was solely church planting/pastoring. Through these interactions I have been able to point people to hopefulness and as one member of the YMCA told me, “since you started working here it seems that a dark cloud has been lifted off this place.” That is the impact of a Gospel witness seeking to live out the hope we have. Your prayers and support have sustained this opportunity and have even been the power behind a promotion to branch director which will allow me to engage more of the community. My hope is that through this role and your continued partnership in this disciple making movement, our family can be- as another Y participant told me, “just what this town needed.””

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