HARRISBURG – The Baptist Resource Network would like to make your church aware of a great resource to protect your ministry. As you may know, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company recently partnered with GuideStone and the SBC as the preferred ministry insurance provider. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company works exclusively with Christian ministries. We unfortunately live in an age when we must consider the potential risk exposure to our ministries. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company has many different components to their insurance that provide protection for these risk exposures.

Brotherhood Mutual provides ministry related insurance coverage for the following:

  1. Property Insurance,
  2. Liability Insurance,
  3. Missions Travel Insurance,
  4. Ministry Vehicle,
  5. Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and
  6. Excess Liability Insurance

Brotherhood also provides Risk Management Assessment (providing a safer place for people to worship) including:

  1. Children and Youth,
  2. Disasters and Emergencies,
  3. Employees and Volunteers,
  4. Violence in the Church,
  5. Church Policies and Protections, and
  6. Many other Risk Management topics

In addition to these coverages Brotherhood also provides ministry designed payroll call MinistryWorks.

If your church has found itself struggling with insurance coverage for your ministry, addressing Risk Management, or providing accurate payroll please contact Brotherhood Mutual.

If you want more information about Brotherhood Mutual and the many services the company offers, you can find them at www.brotherhoodmutual.com, or by contacting our agency, James O. Bower, at 1.800.326.7200. I’m also available if you want to talk about our experience with Brotherhood Mutual.

As always, the BRN staff desires to help equip your church so that is can be most effective at Fostering Spiritual Transformation of Persons and Communities. We hope that Brotherhood Mutual may be a great resource for your ministry.