From Johnny Pons
STATE COLLEGE (PA) – As the chapter turns from year 27, we have had a fast and fun finish to a rewarding year. God has shown up in both the obvious measurable ways and, I believe, in the subtle but encouraging changes going on behind the scenes. While we are still only a drop in the bucket of the 44,000 not-yet-reached students here at PSU, multiplying growth is happening!  Making whole-life disciples is a relational process and one way we measure our progress is to see who is making the journey from being a “contact” deeper into circles of investment.
  • We have seen at least 8 students step up and become solid contributors and take on significant leadership roles.
  • We saw 3 new students show up for our very last meeting of the semester, which is something I pray for every year… that we will continue to invest and invite right up to the finish line.
  • 2 of our graduating seniors are pursuing collegiate ministry on a full time basis next year – Kayla Smith will stay on here and serve on our team, and Jordan Trump (no relation to Pres.) will be serving with a partner collegiate ministry at Pitt next year. Both of these alums are 2 years old in the faith and growing like crazy!
  • I am confident that the rest of our graduating seniors are going to be faithful servants in their next church experience.
  • Autumn Miller, who was instrumental in leading Kayla to Christ, will also be joining our staff team this fall!

Relational work is more like a slow and quiet transformation, but over time, develops deep roots and flourishes in times of testing, producing fruit that lasts. On the more subtle, but noticeable side of growth, students like Daniel and Matt are more deeply aware of the lostness that surrounds them on campus. Sydney is growing in her love for the world and will serve on The Fellowship Church’s mission team to the Dominican Republic next week. Josh is asking deeper questions and digging into the Bible like never before. Sophia has a much clearer direction on where God is taking her and how He can best use her in serving His purposes. The gospel and Heart Attitudes are becoming more common language all around New Life… a culture is beginning to become more evident. All these are good things that are hard to measure, but mightily important to making whole-life disciples!

More is needed… Penn State is filled with not just broken, but rebellious students who God loves and is pursuing with a passion. Thank you for joining us in this epic journey as Christ’s ambassadors to this strategic campus! It is truly a team effort and every victory is a team victory. Your support both through prayer and finances are valued and essential to this mission!