HARRISBURG – If I came to faith in Christ today, what would be the first things you’d want me to know? Don’t worry, this is not a trick question, and there is not just one answer. In fact, if you asked this question in a group of people, you would probably get several different answers. So, I’m going to share my list; here are five things I believe every disciple needs to know:

  1. Pray every day: The Bible says that we’re to pray continually (1 Thess. 5:17), which is another way of saying that we need to be in constant communication with God.
  1. Study the Bible: Along with prayer, spending time in God’s Word is extremely important. Sadly, it has been discovered that less than 20% of church goers engage in the Bible every day. Disciples need God’s Word, and they need to know how to study the Bible and why they should read it every day.
  1. Share your faith: When someone makes the decision to follow Christ there is usually this inner joy that they are waiting to tell the world about. Teaching a new believer how to share their faith, empowers them to be able to “Go” and tell others about the Good News that’s welling up inside of them.
  1. Fellowship with other believers: In the Book of Hebrews it tells us that believers are never to neglect meeting together (10:25). Why? There are many reasons, and one of them is so we can encourage one another. Living for God in a lost world can be discouraging at times, especially if you are out sharing your faith with the lost and feeling rejected. It’s important that every new believer knows the importance of fellowshipping with other believers.
  1. Strive to become just like Jesus: Becoming a follower of Christ does not make us perfect, but our goal is to strive every day to become more and more like Jesus. We can have all the knowledge, but if our actions don’t match our message what good is it.

These are my five. I know there are others that could be on this list, but I believe that praying every day, studying your Bible, sharing your faith, fellowshipping with other believers, and striving to become just like Jesus are important for disciplines for every disciple to know and practice.

Keep focused on Jesus!