Many of our Southern Baptist churches across the United States have ministries for deaf people.

In recent years our International Mission Board has sent increasing numbers of missionaries to share the gospel with deaf people overseas.

Today we want to pray for one of those missionaries to the deaf serving in South Asia. His name is Danny. Our church supports him through our Cooperative Program giving.

Danny met a deaf man named Abhay (say AHB-hay) who was a Hindu. Abhay had been to the United States to attend a school for the deaf. Christians there witnessed to him, but Abhay would not listen. He returned to South Asia, where he later met our missionary, Danny.

Danny became friends with Abhay and began to tell him Bible stories, using the same sign language Abhay uses. Abhay heard the gospel and for the first time understood God’s love for him as shown through Jesus Christ. He gave his life to Christ and became a follower. This story is being repeated all over South Asia and entire churches with deaf members have been started.

Today let us pray for our missionary Danny and for these new believers, that they will continue to grow in their understanding of the Lord.

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