Our missionaries go overseas to share the gospel and start churches. But often their ministry changes more to training others to do the same thing once churches are established. Today we want to pray for two of our missionaries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa: Jeff and Barbara Singerman. They are two of the hundreds of missionaries serving in Africa that our church supports through the Cooperative Program. A while back Jeff and Barbara trained Baptists from 250 churches how to share their faith, using stories from the Bible. After the training, reports on what happened began pouring in. One pastor said 60 new believers joined his church. Ruth, a high school student led five of her classmates to Christ. Paulin, a former gangster, went out on the streets to witness and led 19 gang members to faith in Christ and baptism. Jeff and Barbara counted more than 1,000 people who came to faith in Christ because of the training they did. Today we are going to pray for the Singermans and thank God for the thousands of people that are coming to Christ through their ministry there in Congo.

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