STATE COLLEGE, PA – Eric and Kate Reiber share their vision for Collegiate ministry at Penn State University this for academic year.


A happy end of summer to you. Maybe you are excited, maybe you are bummed, but hopefully you got to have some fun with friends and family. Our summer was very busy from a personal standpoint. We bought our town home and moved in early July. If has been difficult to get everything set up with three little kids, so it is still a work in progress. But we love our space, and have been enjoying establishing a long term home.

I just got back from New Mexico from national collegiate week with other Baptist ministries from across the nation. It was a blessing to connect with other ministers, have some time for personal retreat (my body never adjusted to Mountain Time so I had a lot of time in the morning), and take a day to explore Santa Fe. Kayla and Autumn came to the conference as part two of their orientation. We all stayed very busy. I led a break out session for college students on how to minister as a sojourner to friends in grief. There were 90 students who came to my 60 chair room, so the topic must have hit a chord. Kayla and Autumn were on stage to promote a collection for ministries in the emerging region (areas outside of the Bible Belt) and a video of their story was shown.

Students move into campus on Friday, and we are very excited to get back to the fun part of our work. We have planned and prayed. It’s time to get going. For the fall semester we are going to be examining how God is a sending God. He has brought these students to Penn State for his glory, and that when we submit to him, where we live, who we meet, and even our vocation have kingdom purposes. I am excited to see how the students grow during this time and will keep you posted on the tools we give them so you may have them as well.

One aspect we are experimenting in the ministry this year is to move our staff to student discipleship times from a ‘one on one’ format to ‘triads’. That means a staff will meet with 2 or 3 students at a specified time. We are hoping this creates more accountability for the students, and helps move some of them from a consumer of faith to a co-laborer in faith with us and others. We will see how it goes, but the DNA of discipleship in the ministry has not changed.

Continue to pursue Christ in your lives. It is so easy to get caught in the important urgent things that we let the important non-urgent things pass. Even worse, we get stuck doing urgent unimportant things instead. Consider your time with the Lord daily to be, as described by my wife, like getting that oxygen for life. You are all in our prayers, and as we continue to minister to the campus and Happy Valley here, we pray that God is using you in mighty ways as well.


Things to Pray for:

 Pray for our ability to connect with incoming freshmen and transfer students

 Pray for the support raising efforts for our staff

 Pray our students’ grow in love for Jesus


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God Bless,

Eric and Kate Reiber

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