Author: Andy Weber

Free Church Budget Resource – Building a Church Budget Bridge For the Kingdom

HARRISBURG – As you are planning for your 2017 Church Budget, there is a great free resource available to you: “Developing a Church Budget Bridge For the Kingdom” Developing a budget can be difficult and complex, that’s why we are offering this free electronic budgeting resource to help your church begin planning for a healthy 2017. This short booklet focuses on the specific task of church budget development. It assumes that the church has an adequate organizational financial structure and accounting system. This free resource will give your church action steps, key insights, calendaring helps, and worksheets to assist your church in developing a healthy budget that is focused on the Kingdom. Download here: While at this link please also explore the other free resources that the BRN offers....

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Online Giving to the BRN

HARRISBURG – Did you know that your church can make contributions to the BRN online, including your Cooperative Program giving? What are the benefits to online giving? Online giving is an easy way for churches to make contributions to the BRN. It offers options to give to multiple ministries of the BRN including the Cooperative Program, regional BRN giving, State Missions Offering, Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, World Hunger, Disaster Relief, plus many others. Online giving allows the churches that send the same giving amount each month to establish recurring gifts. This means that your church does not have to process...

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Preparing for Your Church’s Security

HARRISBURG – Church events and weekly gatherings take much time to plan, prepare, and implement. The average church often finds itself struggling to adequately cover all the volunteer roles and needs at a church gathering, so most people are certainly not looking for more things to add to their list of things to do! However, we live in a time when it is important for our ministries to consider the risks to which they are exposed. Churches must find the time to provide safety and security for its guests, members, and staff.  Below we’d like to provide several resources...

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Unpacking the Confusion…Helping Churches Understand the Difference Between the Federal ID Number, Federal Tax Exemption, and State Sales Tax Exemption

HARRISBURG – Understanding the complexities of the legal existence of a church can be overwhelming to a pastor, church planter, church leader, treasurer, etc. The goal of this document is to help clearly articulate what the Employer Identification Number (EIN), 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exemption, and the State Sales Tax Exemption are and how the church should utilize them. In my experience many church leaders have expressed confusion over these items and have even tried to use them interchangeably. All three of these items play an integral part in the church’s existence. Below will be an explanation of the three areas...

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