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Missionary Highlight – July 2, 2017 – Garth Leno

Today we want to pray for one of our missionaries in Canada: Garth Leno. He was a pastor for many years in Windsor, a city just across the border from Detroit, Michigan, before he became a church planter. There are a few churches in Windsor, but only about seven percent of Windsor’s people are evangelical Christians. Garth decided to start a new church in 2014 and began holding Bible studies in his living room. The group grew quickly and soon they had to find meeting space — first a golf club and finally a warehouse. Now more than 350...

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“Protest Evangelism” affects Ministry on Campus

By Brian Musser, Campus Minister at Drexel University PHILADELPHIA – How do you engage a campus with the Gospel that is being engaged by “protest evangelism”? This is probably true throughout the country but recently in Philadelphia we have seen an increase in the number of demonstrations on campus in the name of Christianity that are openly antagonistic, rhetorically violent and verbally abusive toward sinful lifestyles.  Signs and bullhorns have appeared vehemently denouncing certain evils.  Of course, the evil of homosexuality has been the primary target while other more acceptable Americanized sins have gone unnoticed.  As a campus minister...

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