Author: Barry Whitworth

Where Will Your Church be in Five Years?

HARRISBURG – Our deepest desire at the BRN is that every church would be a vibrant and healthy church.  As we survey churches, 10-15% are in a very unhealthy place, and will likely be closed in a few years unless something drastically changes.  Some of these would be great candidates for replanting to leave a legacy of faith in their current location.  Another 70% of our churches are in a state of marginal health, but could use some revitalization to help them stay on mission and practice the behaviors of missional engagement, intentional discipleship, and leadership development.  A final 10-15% of our churches are reproducing new disciples, ministries, and other churches regularly, or are even multiplying churches as their daughter churches give birth to their own daughter churches.  It would be my hope that the BRN helps all of our churches move to a place of extreme health in the next 3-5 years.   How can we help...

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Reflections From the First 90 Days

HARRISBURG – I’ve had the pleasure of listening to many of the pastors and planters of the BRN over my first 90 days as the Executive Director/Treasurer.  I was listening to discover what God is doing across our convention and asking God to help us set a path for the future.  In this video, I share some of my initial...

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Core Healthy Church Behavior #3 – Leadership Development

HARRISBURG – The third key behavior of a healthy church is Leadership Development.  Without intentionally growing the next generation of leaders, your church will suffer in the long run.  All disciples are called to make disciples, but only a few have been called and gifted to spiritual leadership within the local church.  Are you identifying and developing the next generation...

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