Author: Kim Grueser

Ethical Church

Southern Baptists held their annual convention in Pittsburgh, PA during June 1983. That year the Baptist Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania had fifty-three churches, church plants and home churches. The 2017 directory for our association lists fifty-three churches, church plants and home churches. A record of zero net growth over thirty-four years. During those three-plus decades’ hundreds-of-thousands of dollars were spent, countless mission teams came and went, strategies were implemented then replaced with new ones and churches were planted. Some flourished while others quietly passed. Denominational workers, pastors and lay-leaders thoughtfully and prayerfully guided the association to the best of...

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The Western Pennsylvania Baptist Ministries Foundation

HARRISBURG – The Western Pennsylvania Baptist Ministries Foundation (WPBMF) was established many years ago, as a financial assistance agency to aid the churches of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Baptist Association. This foundation oversees more than $100,000.00 in assets that are available for grants or loans. Although it exists for the benefit of our association’s member churches the foundation operates separate from our association. Applications are awarded by a seven-member board of primarily of lay persons from various local churches. If your church has a financial need whether it is facilities or ministry related you are encouraged to contact the WPBMF...

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Reaching Pittsburgh for Christ

By Kim Grueser, Pastor of Pittsburgh Baptist Church     By January 2008, I had been pastor of Pittsburgh Baptist for a month. The decision to move from a larger church in Georgia seemed questionable at best and a ministerial misstep at worst. Time would tell. As I began to understand the history of Pittsburgh Baptist, it was evident that church planting had been a significant part of her past. Her pioneers planted seventeen churches over the first twenty years. Discovering this put in place a central piece of our strategy for the future. But how could a pastor whose experience was in a traditional church support planting? While I considered engaging in planting, it emerged as a priority of NAMB’s strategy for penetrating lostness. Pittsburgh Baptist returned to its roots in the fall of 2009, helping planter Ken Cordray and his wife transition from North Carolina to start Living Faith Community Church. Along the way, our church grew from 40 to about 70. The Lord added to our fellowship as we encouraged members to go with the Cordrays. The following year I was invited to connect with the MCC Network in our convention. About that time one of our members, Deo Lagoon, sensed a call to reach his fellow Bhutanese immigrants through church planting. Our second planting partnership in three years confirmed God’s favor on our direction. That was reaffirmed when Vietnamese pastor, Dan...

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