Author: Pam Smith

Nicaragua Mission Trip Opportunity – Sept. 30 – Oct 8

DALLAS (PA) – Dallas Baptist Church would like to invite individuals from any other BRN churches to join them for a missions trip to Nicaragua from September 30 – October 8, 2017.  DBC has a partnership with a Baptist church (Primera Iglesia Bautista de Moyagalpa) on the island and its 3 mission churches.  Recently, three people dropped out of the trip for various reasons, and the church is seeking replacement short-term missionaries to stand in the gap. The primary mission activities are door-to-door ministry with the mission churches, distributing dental hygiene kits,  and worship/preaching/singing opportunities with local churches. Costs – Approximately $1700...

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Disciple Making Is For All of Us

HARRISBURG – I enjoy the rich heritage of a loving, nurturing family. Jesus-followers all, my parents and grandparents taught me, by both their words and their actions, what it means to trust in and live for Him. They also involved me in caring for others, as an expression of my love for Jesus and for them. From my earliest memories in Sunday School, I remember singing “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the Children of the World” and, in my child’s mind, reasoning that if Jesus loved all the children like He...

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Three Steps to a Great Summer of Outreach

By Kyle Canty, Missional Living Catalyst, BRN Philadelphia “Three Steps to a Great Summer Outreach” may seem like a strange topic to bring up in the dead of winter but in reality it’s not. The prospect of summer ministry and the potential fruit from these efforts brings a level of excitement to disciple makers. Due to our busy schedules, the summer always seems to catch us off guard. We find ourselves in crisis mode as we attempt to pull together a half baked VBS or scramble to create opportunities to interact with our neighbors. We can do better, but it requires prayer, advanced thinking and some strategic moves early on in order to host quality events. Here are three suggested steps to prepare for summer outreach: Step One. If you are a pastor, select a leader to oversee this effort. Maybe you’re not the pastor but lead evangelism at your church. Find someone who will work with you. It’s vitally important that you disciple someone else in this process. Pastors, walk alongside the newly-selected individual as her or she assumes this task. Commit to meet regularly and pour into this person. This is the work of replication. We are not meant to serve alone. Step Two. Take a look around the church at the community. Go into the neighborhood around your church with fresh eyes. What do you see? Whom do you see? Select a...

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