Author: Robert Turner

Sometimes Small Groups Are the Best Groups – A Collegiate Update from Sarah Barger

  Sarah Barger is a collegiate ministry intern with the BRN.  This article is extracted from her latest newsletter.  You can read the entire newsletter here. CALIFORNIA, PA – At freshmen Bible study one evening it was only Chase, Kyle and me. In collegiate ministry, something that I have learned is that you can’t see success in the amount attending. Sometimes the smallest groups have the best discussions and students are more comfortable and engaged in a small group than a large one.  I hope pastors and other ministers around our convention are encouraged by this simple truth. Kyle, a freshmen,...

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A Fire Sparked by Beach Reach

By Kim Carson, Campus Minister at California University of Pennsylvania CALIFORNIA, PA – I met Sarah four years ago during the fall semester of her freshman year. She was a Christian student involved in a lot of activities, but our paths didn’t cross again until a few weeks before the end of the spring semester. Sarah and her friend Amanda came to a couple of New Life meetings and expressed interest in being involved the following school year. Fall 2013 rolled around, and Sarah and Amanda returned. They jumped in with both feet and became part of the core group of...

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Finishing Strong – A Ministry Update From Penn State

Reprinted from Johnny and Kathy Pons’ newsletter. The semester is almost done and the Christmas rush is picking up the pace. We will send our usual December newsletter next week, but I wanted to give you a brief update-before-the-update to share some news and words of gratitude in a season of thanksgiving and joy. Kathy and I have spent the better part of this year talking, praying, dreaming, listening and exploring the option of making a move from Penn State back to my home near Nashville, TN. We LOVE Penn State, and nothing negative is pushing us away, but...

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