Category: Administrative

Humbled and Honored to Have Served

HARRISBURG – In the Spring, I became the Interim Executive Director-Treasurer and began posting a weekly video blog sharing information on what’s going on in the life our our convention and churches. This is the last BRN...

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Prayer for the Whitworths

HARRISBURG – In my second to last video for BRN United, I’d like to invite you to join me in prayer for Barry and Beth as they prepare for this awesome transition. Also, I encourage you to send words of encouragement...

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What Makes the BRN Special?

HARRISBURG – In this week’s video blog, I continue our look at some core BRN values.  We are a community where relationships matter, where grace reigns supreme, and where our influences goes far beyond our...

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Highlighting BRN Values

HARRISBURG – In my last month of BRN videos, I’d like to highlight some of our BRN core values that I see as particularly important.  Barry will begin his new role in February, and I’ll help with the transition...

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Discover What Makes Me Speechless

HARRISBURG – In this week’s video blog, I share some of my Thanksgiving reflections related to the BRN, and share one thing that truly left me speechless.  Thank you for helping make my service at the BRN a joy.  We...

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