Category: Healthy Churches

Mapping Center

By Fanny Grote, Healthy Churches Team Administrative Assistant I can provide you with a spread sheet naming families with children within five miles of your church. Are you interested? Would you rather blanket the 5,000 homes in...

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Live like Jesus!

By David Ludwig, Associate Healthy Churches Team Leader       During Jesus’ last days on earth he gave a final command to his disciples: “Go and make disciples, and teach them to obey everything that I have commanded you.”...

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An Opportunity to Dream

By Dr. Larry Anderson, Healthy Churches Team Leader In early 2013 as Dr. Waltz and I sat down to discuss the convention and Healthy Churches, he gave me a brief history of what the position used to look like, and then he gave me...

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A Good, Compassionate and Faithful Friend

By Fanny Grote, Administrative Assistant, Healthy Churches Team Our family moved to this area in the winter of 1994. The snow was deep and continuous. After visiting several churches we settled on Country & Town Baptist...

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Plan to Make Disciples

By David A. Ludwig, Associate Healthy Churches Team Leader What is your plan for making disciples? Do you have one? The reason I ask is because as I lead churches through church health assessments across the BRN, the one...

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BRN Advantage: Getting to Know You

By Fanny Grote, Healthy Churches Team Administrative Assistant  October 3 is the last BRN Advantage of this year. The previous BRN Advantage events took place in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It’s time to bring it to the central...

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