Baptist Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Our Challenge

  • Our Challenge:
    We cannot and will not rest until there is a vital, evangelizing, discipling, reproducing church within driving distance of each of the 3 million people in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • We exist to strengthen those existing churches and empower them to more effectively share the gospel in their community.
  • In addition, we place a premium on strategically and prayerfully starting new churches in those areas not currently served by a Southern Baptist church.
  • Our association accepts responsibility for 9 counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania from I-80 in the north to the West Virginia border in the south.
  • There are 3 million people living in our association (approximately 2 million unchurched) and only 60 churches
  • There is one SBC church for every 61,225 people in Southwestern Pennsylvania (this number is 1,452 in the state of Alabama)

Our Churches

Download our latest directory of churches, or find a church in the church finder.

Our Tools

The BASWP seeks to serve you by offering the use of a tent trailer, block party trailer, shower trailer and a portable baptistery for your use. Reservations for these items may be secured by contacting us at

The requesting party must provide a means of picking up and returning the item requested. 

NOTE: The party trailer requires a full size truck or full size van with a trailer hitch that is at least 20 inches off the ground.  Lower hitches and smaller vehicles will not work.

Shower trailer requires at 1 ton pickup truck and electric brake controls to move along with proper drivers license.

Western Region Women’s Retreat March 10th-12th

Western Region Women’s Retreat March 10th-12th

PITTSBURGH - It's that time of year again!  I hope you all can join us for this year's Women's Retreat on March 10th-12th, hosted by our Western Region Women on Mission. We are thrilled to have Pam Smith as our guest speaker this year....  Whoohoo!  Pam is our...

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